Collage Bravour schrammeln & Duo Haertel Wascher
28.09.2024, 19:00

Schrammel Jazz and Styrian Yodelling

Concert Haertel Wascher DuoBravour Schrammeln Bergstation Dachstein via Dachstein Gletscherbahn

One of the best ensembles in contemporary Austrian music joins the duo for traditional Austrian dance music to perform Styrian yodels and dances, familiar and unfamiliar pieces from Schrammel music, tango, jazz and Viennese songs on the themes of tolerance and conflict.

The Haertel Wascher duo, featuring Hermann Haertel on the violin and Simon Wascher on the hurdy-gurdy, perform traditional music that they grew up with in Styria and the Traunviertel: yodels, country dances, Styrian dances and schleunigers. They bring these pieces into the here and now, not because they’re old-fashioned, but in spite of it. Improvised present-day music.

About the Haertel Wascher Duo

Monika & Peter Uhler (violin) from Vienna and Maria & Helmut Stippich (contraguitar and Schrammel harmonica) from Carinthia perform as “Bravour Schrammeln,” showcasing virtuosic chamber folk music, Viennese dances, marches, yodels, and folk songs.

About Bravour Schrammeln