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Tolerance in a new world order

Michael Ignatieff, former rector of the Central European University, author of philosophical and biographical bestsellers and committed Canadian politician, formulates a fiery appeal for tolerance in times of war and polarisation.

Portraits of Meena Megha Malhotra
short talk Meena Megha Malhotra Hubertus - Café

History for peace

“For Peace and Understanding: Teaching and Learning History” is a project of The Seagull Foundation for the Arts, a network of educators and members of civil society.

Short talk Philipp Blom Mützenhalle Filzmoos

A new Enlightenment?

There are repeated calls for a new Enlightenment. Does that make sense? Yes, says Philipp Blom, historian and director of Dachstein Dialoge, it is more necessary and more relevant than ever.